American Fundamentalists
(Christ's Entry into Washington in 2008)
by Joel Pelletier
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Mullahs: Rev. Sun Myung & Hak Ja Han Moon
Messiah; Founder and co-leaders, Unification Church; owner of Washington Times newspaper

Rev. Moon has almost 10 Billion dollars, and uses it to print his reactionary Washington Times (always at a loss), and to lobby and contribute to the campaigns of many Washington politicians. His financial influence is so enormous that, despite his VERY strange publicly-stated views, many politicans (US Senators and Congressmen) continue to praise him and get photographed with him. I'm not really sure how happy he would be walking in my parade (dressed in his ceremonial savior garb, with his ceremonial wife, to prove even the messiah can have sex), since it celebrates the return of the Messiah, which he thinks he already is - and has. To say that he favors theocracy over democracy is an understatement, but what's unsettling is how much legit political influence he reigns in Washington. Here's some online bio material:

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon (born January 6, 1920) is the founder of the Unification Church (established on May 1, 1954, in Seoul, South Korea). With his wife Hak Ja Han, he is co-leader of the Unification Movement, which is as much political as it is religious.

Rev. Moon's followers see him as a new Messiah, the second coming of Christ, commissioned by a failed Jesus Christ to establish the Kingdom of god on earth. In the face of such extravagant claims, Moon met with enormous opposition, but through canny and expensive PR strategies has become a VIP among national-level Washington, D.C. politicians, who have crowned him the "King of Peace" in ceremonies on Capitol Hill.

When he was 15, Moon says, he had a vision or revelation of Jesus Christ while praying atop a tall hill. According to Moon, in this vision, Jesus implored Moon to complete his work in purifying the sex-corrupted lineage of mankind.

In 2003, Rev. Moon announced that the representatives of the five major religions - as well as several dozen dead U.S. presidents communicating from the Spirit World - declared him to be "the savior and messiah of humanity."

Moon has been described by critics as a billionaire industrialist and a cult leader who "brainwashes" his followers to extract money from them and to use them as a political footsoldiers. Moon has also been linked to other controversial figures such as Jerry Falwell and to conservative civic organizations allied politically with Washington, D.C. evangelicals. His followers love him in spite of the criticisms, which they have often portrayed as an organized smear campaign. (


  • "Separation of religion and politics is what Satan likes most"

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