American Fundamentalists
(Christ's Entry into Washington in 2008)
by Joel Pelletier
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Activists: Tim Lahaye
American Coalition for Traditional Values; co-author, "Left Behind" series
Co-founder of the Moral Majority and New Right Movement; Signer of "A Manifesto for the Christian Church" (download PDF).

Tim LaHaye, in 1998, was "President, Family Life Seminars and American Coalition for Traditional Values; former president, Council on National Policy; author, 23 best-selling books with more than seven million copies in print, some translated into 24 languages; pastor for 33 years; founded the largest Protestant high school and Christian school system in the country; founder, Christian Heritage College; produces Capitol Report, a Christian conservative commentary on the news satellited to 70 TV and 125 radio stations throughout the nation, and LaHayes on Family Life; Ph.D., Western Conservative Baptist Seminary. (

For Tim LaHaye, the term "Secular Humanism" is elastic enough to include the sins of abortion and homosexuality; the fact of creationism over the theory of evolution; the dangers of comprehensive sex education, the subversion of public schools, the myth of separation of church and state; the moral depravity of liberalism, and the moral superiority of Free Market economics. And that is just the "A" list. More than any other author in the Christian Right, it is LaHaye that has popularized the false notion that secularists and humanists are by definition antagonistic to religion and spirituality. (Chip Berlet, The World According to Tim LaHaye,


  • Interesting 2004 interview with theologian and author Barbara Rossing entitled God So Loved the World that He Gave Us World War III about her book The Rapture Exposed: The Message of Hope in the Book of Revelation, discrediting LaHaye and the whole Rapture/End Times crown as a bunch of violence-loving war mongers who misquote the Bible to justify their stories and political philosophy of terror and violence (interviewed by John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute,
  • Humanists have totally rejected God, creation, morality, the fallen state of man, and the free enterprise system. As such, they are the mortal enemy of all pro-moral Americans, and the most serious threat to our nation in its entire history. Unless both Christian and non-Christian lovers of virtue stand together as upright citizens, humanists will turn this great land into another Sodom and Gomorrah. (The Battle for the Mind, Old Tappan, NJ: Fleming H. Revell, 1980, pp. 187-188).

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