American Fundamentalists
(Christ's Entry into Washington in 2008)
by Joel Pelletier
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Talk to me - I may post it (my comments in red). Email about the painting, the topic or a possible event or location to present the work.

(8/30/05)Pelletier painting is propaganda, not art
COMMENTARY By MARTHA KNOX for, Aug. 24, 2005
I recently presented the painting at the SSA Conference in Columbus, Ohio (August 2005), where it was seen and discussed by the 100 or so attendees. In a panel discusssion organized by SSA, Ms. Knox presented her critique of the painting, later adapted and posted in IHS's Humanist Netwok News. Read her entire commentary here, followed by my response.

(3/31/05) Subject: In all seriousness... Im a fundementalist Republican, but I really am a masochist leaning one. I enjoy seeing very sac-religious art. I ran across one site that mixed Jesus with porn, and I actually liked it! Actually although I voted vor Bush in 04, Im considering finding a venue where I can let someone take away my voting privledges, without putting anything bad on my record. (since I'm only going to vote Republican anyway.) Keep up the good work, Josh in Nashville, TN
(my reply) I honestly don't see my painting as sacrilegious - I don't say God is bad or does not exist, etc. Instead, I depict the logical conclusion of this particular interpretation of the bible and biblical prophesy. Anti-human, perhaps, but I didn't write it (JP)

(2/21/05) Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily posted an article complaining about being "GoogleBombed", including a critique of my site (but not the painting itself). The article elicted some comments and purchases (!) from his followers, including...

(2/22/05) Joel, I just took a look at your website... Reality? Are you sure that's what YOUR dealing with brother? Let's see if I and all of us fundamentalist's have it right?

Babies brains being sucked from it's head, like a car chop shop, is good?
Fundamentalist Pro-Lifers are bad?
Fifty percent divorce rates is good?
Dobson and other "fundamentalist's" who wants to help marriages are bad?
Mothers murdering born babies via drowning is good?
Fundamentalist Mothers who stay at home are bad?
TV shows like Cheaters is good?
Fundamentalist type shows like Joan of Arcadia are bad?
Legalize felon voting is good?
Fundamental law enforcement is bad?
Legalized child molestation is good?
Fundamental laws prosecuting those who do are are bad?
Teddy Kennedy a murder is good?
Fundamentalist Wilberforce was bad?
Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are good?
Fundamentalist Isaac Newton bad?
Saddam Hussein lynching and suppressing voters is good?
Fundamentalist US freeing twenty million people to VOTE with REAL choices bad?
"Some" murder good?
Fundamentalist who believe murder is murder are bad?
Movie stars sending money to Tsunami victims good?
Fundamentalist's pouring money AND GOING to victims bad?
Jesse Jackson sucking money from his foundations for his extra "activities" good?
Fundamentalist like Star Parker are bad?
President Clinton pardoned 16 members of the FALN Puerto Rican terrorist gang is good?
Bush administration putting AWAY terrorist's is bad?
Fundamentalist Louis Pasteur bad?
Fundamentalist Wright brothers bad?
Mother Theresa that dasterdly fundamentalist!
Belief that you originated via some sludge good?
Belief that Jesus Christ is the savior of the word bad?

What a hoot. And you wonder why you're losing the political war with conservatives? LOL. (Lew Ricker)
Where do I even start with this ridiculous, black/white, good/bad diatribe? This misinformation is a perfect example of the Reactionary Right (NOT Conservative, BTW) propaganda machine. Both myself and a relative of this gentleman countered most of his arguments point-by-point, after which he went away (JP)

(2/23/05) I saw the article from Joseph F. and I clicked to the web site and purchased the poster. I cannot wait to display it. Thanks for making it available. It will definitely serve as an inspiration to me as a fundamentalist (K. Dekker)

(2/22/05) I won't even bother to respond to this silly, insignificant, sophomoric "art." He does have skill for sure but his rendition is nothing more than stealing someone else's art and attempting to make a political/religious point which is silly. This guy is one of the reasons the Democrat party will continue to disintegrate, unfounded and mean-spirited (not to mention untrue) character assassination of a large portion of the American public. Another prophet of "tolerance" it seems. Thanks for the link, Lew. Sad and laughing at the same time. Pray for the boy. (Jim)

(2/21/05) Your so called artistry only betrays your ignorance, stupidity and personal prejudice regarding matters beyond your intellectual and moral comprehension. The intolerance and deciet portrayed in poorly drawn fingerpainting that is your little propaganda piece is reminiscent of the lies spewed by Nazi scapegoating machine of the 1930's. Keep patting yourself on the back and keep up the good work. The more you idiots expose yourselves to the people of this country the faster you're failed ideology and lies will pass from the scene, Mic
Right back at 'cha, buddy (JP)

(2/21/05, my message to Farah)
From: Joel Pelletier
Subject: thank you

Thanks for your coverage of my painting. Please note I do not GOOGLEBOMB or stuff search engines, nor am I some anti-Semitic or anti-Christian crank. I simply did the painting, wrote some notes and posted it for everyone to make up their own mind.

It's hard to tell what you actually think of the work itself - David Frum and Gary DeMar seem to love it. And I find it difficult to belive you could deny belonging in the company of the persons in the parade, whether you agree with my cry for a pluralistic America or not.

All I am trying to do is let people know of the existence of our own American brand of fundamentalists (economic, political AND religious) - it's up to each individual to decide if they approve or not. THAT's my America.

(1/17/05) IMHO Politically charged artwork has gotten a bad rap in recent years b/c the liberal elite that purchase much contemporary art share more(agenda wise) than they would like to acknowledge with the right wing elite. What we have here is class war masquerading as cultural. As you and I both know, the real powers behind this drive this couldn't give a rats' ass about the average American. In their opinion, there are people, (themselves - and their friends) and chattel, (the rest of us). Anyway, I think your painting is a breath of fresh air, J. Roddy

(11/29/04) I received my 2 posters today. One will be displayed in the most prominent place in my house. I find this piece very inspirational; and I'm sure it will encourage conversation! The second poster is for my eldest son, and I know he will love it too.

I have put in a plug for your poster offer on My Moonster site needs color and style...and more content. I will keep plugging away when I get time. It is my small contribution to help make people aware of the dangers of this current fundamentalist scourge...

The posters are painfully low cost. I can't thank you enough for your efforts... Thanks again, and best wishes to you and your family (Deb, north of Seattle)

(10/27/04) "On Tuesday, Oct. 19, the College Freethought Society hosted, "American Fundamentalism: The Modern Threat to Democracy and Faith." The event featured Artist Joel Pelletier and his 8-by-14-foot painting, "Christ's Entry into Washington in 2008." The artist was available during the day to discuss his painting with students. A panel discussion followed that evening featuring August Berkshire, president of Minnesota Atheists; Professor B. Jill Smith; Professor Eugene Hood; and the artist himself. Sadly, attendance at this discussion was small, but this only seemed to elevate the importance of what the artist is trying to say, both in his painting and commentary. He seeks to increase awareness of a threat to our nation and our Constitution that too few people seem willing or courageous enough to discuss."
Fundamentalism is on the March by Elizabeth Walton (UWEC Alumnus), The Flip Side, Univeristy of Wisconsin Eua Claire (complete article)
A realy good summary of the event and my words from her own personal perspective - joelp

Also, see the original campus paper listing of event, with excerpts from a phone interview here.

(10/21-27/04) "Fundamentalists can be a dreary collection of souls. Artist Joel Pelletier depicts no less than 100 domestic fun-killers in his most current and ambitious painting "American Fundamentalists (Christ's Entry Into Washington in 2008)" to be displayed at the Smokebrush Gallery this Friday and Saturday as part of the theater's VOTE/PEACE exhibition (colorado Springs)
Aaron Menza, CSindy,

(10/21/04) I remember an East Timorese young man that I met once, years ago. I asked him how he was able to survive the Indonesian army after they'd invaded. He said that he kept a big picture of Suharto in his bedroom. One night, as expected, the army broke into his house. They looked at the picture and said, "He's OK. Let's go." Since there appears to be no stopping these maniacs, I expect that one day, your painting may save my life (Randy & Olga)

(9/1/04) - The Institute for Humanist Studies ( has posted info on my fall 2004 tour, including some nice comments proving they actually spent some time looking at the site, instead of just reposting my press release (thanks - click here).

"Such an achievement! Monumental in scope, this fantastic and overwhelming tableau serves as an indictment that perfectly captures the madness of our times - the self-fulfilling curse of fundamentalist apocalypticism, the toxic manipulations and corrosive greed of right-wing financiers, media moguls and corporate criminals, and the abysmal corruption and insanity of our Orwellian political culture. I believe that this is an historic work, born of outrage, and done with genuine depth, skill and courage, using the sublime power of art to tell profound truths beyond the capacity of words."
Louis Vandenberg, 2004 California Democratic Nominee, 44th Congressional District & Producer, Background Briefing with Ian Masters, Pacifica Radio Los Angeles

"Your (painting) transcends words and makes life more livable for the lovers, the dreamers and me."
Max Blumenthal, researcher and journalist,

"Wonderful poster... in a horrifying way. I'll hang it with pride."
Nathan Callahan,

"It is so gratifying to see a right now, modern, contemporary painting of such grandeur that is both passionate and representational. Joel's "Christ's Entry into Washington 2008" spans equal dichotomies of being both "of its time" and universal, idiosyncratic yet referential to pop culture, qualities that assure its place as a true classic in art."
Heather Harris, photographer,

My Review of "American Fundamentalists"
by Christopher Vincent, Master's candidate in Religious Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder
Can intolerance of intolerance be intolerant? Read the spirited discussion...

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