American Fundamentalists
(Christ's Entry into Washington in 2008)
by Joel Pelletier
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Founding Fathers & Money: The Coors Family
The Coors finacial empire was started by Adolph Coors, Sr., in 1873. The family's money has founded/funded the Heritage Foundation, Free Congress Foundation, the Council for National Policy, and many other far-right organizaions and causes. Although their PR campaigns over the last decade or so have attempted to soften their true social and political attitudes (in reaction to an organized Coors Beer boycott), their actions - and money - continue to say otherwise. With matriarch Holly Coor's activities in Bush and GOP fundraising, and son Peter Coors' winning the GOP primary to become Colorado's next Senator, the Coors power base continues to grow.

"The Coors family is a powerful, wealthy, highly-organized force for social change. The change they support with their time and money is a return to Darwinian political and economic morality framed by the unrestricted demands of market and capital. They also fund a right-wing sector of Christian fundamentalism who seek to replace democratic pluralism with what they call "traditional family values" but which, in fact, is an authoritarian, gender-based social order." Chip Berlet, introduction to "The Coors Connection"

"The Coors family has multiple relations with right-wing organizations. Holland Coors, for example, is a board member of the Heritage Foundation and a trustee of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and Jeffrey Coors is the director of Free Congress Research and Education and a board member of the Independence Institute . CRF has given $1,948,760 to the Heritage Foundation, $200,000 to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, $1,050,000 to the Free Congress Foundation, and $285,000 to the Independence Institute." Right Web

"Since the 1970s the Coors family's support of right-wing causes and institutions has become widely known. Adolph Coors Sr. founded the brewing company in 1873, and a century later the Adolph Coors Jr. Trust created the Adolph Coors Foundation as a private family foundation. One hundred years after the founding of Coors Brewing Co. in Golden, Colorado, family patriarch Joseph Coors backed Paul Weyrich's plan to establish a new conservative think tank called the Heritage Foundation. Later, Joseph Coors, who died in March 2003, also provided Weyrich with the seed money to create the Committee for the Survival of the Free Congress, now known simply as the Free Congress Foundation. A ten-year old boycott of Coors by the AFL-CIO greatly tarnished the Coors name as the campaign brought national attention to the overtly homophobic, racist, and anti-labor practices and statements of the company and its family owners. In an attempt to improve its deteriorating public image, the company began to fund minority groups and improve worker conditions. However, the family continued to fund right-wing causes. (5) According to researchers Russ Bellant and Chip Berlet, "The pattern of Coors family funding and activism stands in stark contrast to the mainstream image projected by the Coors Brewing Co., whose advertising and funding reach out to African-American, women's, and gay communities." Russ Bellant and Chip Berlet, "Still Backing the Hard Right: Coors Money Undermines Democracy."


  • Castle Rock Foundation From Axis of Ideology, NCRP 2004
  • Coors, the right beer now (including "Still Backing the Hard Right: Coors Money Undermines Democracy")
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